Ash Fine Art, LLC was started by Lorinda Ash in 1998, after she spent 10 years as an art dealer at the world-renowned Gagosian Gallery. Located in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, we offer a wide range of art advisory services to meet the needs of both residential and corporate clients.

Our services are geared towards a select number of clients whose interests range in building, managing and maximizing fine art collections. We advise our clients on the acquisition and sale of modern and contemporary painting, photography, sculpture and prints. We offer assistance in inventory management, framing, proper fine art care and conservation.  We strive to educate our clients in the collection process, navigating them through the primary and secondary art markets, artist studio visits, art fairs and museum exhibitions. We also connect our corporate clients to local non-profit art organizations, enriching art programs by housing or acquiring works of art that were created by the city’s art community. 

Collecting art provides many rewards, one of which is appreciation in asset value. Our clients have enjoyed extraordinary performance in the value of their collections and we have an excellent record of identifying individual artists of importance early in their careers when acquisitions are more affordable. While this may not be the primary goal of building an art collection or implementing a corporate art program, it can be a positive secondary benefit.  

Recent corporate projects the New York offices of Proskauer, Jones Day and Fox Rothschild. Past corporate projects include LLP, Dubin + Swieca, Ares Management, Davis + Gilbert, Halcyon Partners, Boston Properties, Bear Stearns.  We specialize in corporate projects which maximize budgets to provide clean, uplifting and suitable works that reflect the corporate culture and style. We work easily with senior management, architects and designers and construction management clients. 

For residential projects we work with our clients diverse budgets, lifestyles, spaces and tastes to provide them with distinctive art for their homes which will stand the test of time. We work easily with designers and architects to enhance their vision of interiors with prints, paintings, photography, video, sculpture and installations.

Ash Fine Art, LLC is a member of The Association of Professional Art Advisors.